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Say 'YES!' to flourishing

I help you overcome a lack of direction, imposter syndrome, workaholism, overwhelm, and low self-esteem so you can regain balance and move from a life of 'Blah' to 'Aha!'  

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Tired of not knowing just how to get where you want to go? Would you love to feel deep gratitude every single day? By aligning your values & your goals, we ensure you maximise the chance of living the life you want.


Together, we use tried-and-tested techniques to remove all internal resistance to the changes you need for optimal health, wealth, and relationships. Change can be scary, but we make it easy...and fast!


Once you've designed the life you want, we move quickly toward implementing your plan so you can feel empowered. Move rapidly toward the life you dream of and enjoy every step of the journey!

I help you help yourself...



Focused sessions which make you the centre of attention. It's all about you as we clarify your personal or professional goals, clear all obstacles, and put it into action.


Video Call

Timezone or location different to mine? No problem! Schedule a 1-on-1 video call with me and we'll work out a plan that fits with your schedule.


Virtual Group

Join in with like-minded individuals for empathy, support, and celebrations as you move through your journey of transformation.

You Belong Here

Meet some people who've worked with me...

I work with Abena one-to-one. Abena is very effective at helping me clarify my goals and keeps me accountable to my plan of action. She is very knowledgeable and energetic. Her love of continuous learning is contagious as is her zest. Abena has been a positive and encouraging force in my life since we met.

Vanessa M

USA and Qatar

Pramal Lad

London, UK

After attending Abena’s group program, I am able to let go of small things that always bother me and move out of my comfort zone. I feel light as a feather. I now give myself more time to know me. I realised I was kind to others, but not to myself. Thanks Abena - you are our “ROCKSTAR!”

Diira M

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Click here for my Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Justice statement

I am a proud to be a committed advocate for DEIJ (diversity, equity, inclusion and justice) initiatives. I do all I can to ensure my coaching space is a safe space for all. I actively, intentionally, explicitly invite you to connect if you are BAME, BIPoC, LGBTQIA2s+, or a member of any other minority group(s). This also applies to DEIJ activists and allies. You receive priority bookings, additional supporting resources, and access to a kindred spirit - we need to look after each other.

I have had a long journey to get to the life of flourishing and self-acceptance that I have today. Of course, I'm always a work in progress but my experiences offer you a shortcut towards healing and empowerment so you can truly flourish.

Whether you have felt discriminated against, ignored, or simply 'different', know that I value you as you are. I see you. You do not need to be 'fixed' - I am here to help grow your awareness about just how powerful you are. We all deserve to be seen in our full humanity, and whatever your level of individuality, I truly believe it is a gift to unwrap.

Across more than 2 decades as a teacher, trainer, presenter, and coach I have worked with individuals from hugely-diverse backgrounds. I deeply appreciate the complexities, challenges, and gifts of intersectionality. Maybe I haven't met the unique gift that is you, yet I am always learning and reflecting. I embrace the opportunity to learn together as we move toward the ideal life you envision and create.

One last thing...

My mum is my role-model, managing to raise 5 kids on her own - she always made sure we were fed, clothed, and sheltered. She was as imperfectly perfect as I am today, and it's from her I first learned compassion and resilience. Despite her hard-work and sacrifices, I couldn't help but feel the lack when I didn't have access to life-changing experiences others were able to pay for. This is just one of the reasons I will find creative ways to serve as many as I can. If you are truly committed to putting in the effort to transform your life, we will find a way to make it happen. My rates operate on a sliding scale, so feel free to reach out and learn more.

About Me

“But where are you really from?"

As a child growing up in Northern Ireland, I got this question daily - sometimes even several times a day. Even though my answer was always, "Here," it didn't seem to satisfy people. My Brown skin in a sea of White made me stand out, no matter how much I tried to blend into the background. It was a question that told me I didn't belong, wasn't like everyone else, and never would be. 

So, I made a decision and took action. Over 25 years ago, I decided that if I didn't have a satisfying answer, I would create a reality where I did - one that satisfied me. That decision pushed me to think about who I wanted to be, what my history could possibly become, without trying to be 'normal.' It encouraged me to take risks such as leaving my home country to live and work abroad. It led me to always stretch beyond my comfort zone. Now, I am 'from' the sum total of my experiences and learning. That once-irritating question took me on a journey to discover what truly made a life of meaning and purpose - I'm grateful.

For many years, that meaning and purpose came from my love of education. I taught kids, teens, and adults; I trained; I presented...and I never stopped learning. I continue that learning today through my doctoral studies focusing on Flourishing (Positive Psychology), Equity, and Education. I've unsurprisingly had many challenges along the way...not least in learning to accept myself as a perfectly flawed human being (just like everyone else). I practice self-forgiveness, self-appreciation, and how to let things go. It's a never-ending process, but the efforts so far have been transformational.

Fast-forward to today. I live in a place that is the manifestation of my idea of 'paradise' as a kid. I have a partner who I've been able to grow with to raise 3 energetic, challenging, and characterful children. My relationships are intentional, deep, and nourishing. I am clear about my values and feel no need to compromise on them. The most surprising thing of all? That although it was never my goal, following my passions and values has lead to a life of abundance in every way. Whether that's my upgraded perception or objective fact, it's time to pay it forward.

I believe everyone has the capacity to live a life full of gratitude, love, and flourishing - and yes, that includes YOU! Today, I am blessed to work with others to bring their dream lives to reality through coaching, mindfulness, and mentorship. Discover how we will work together to design the life you want. All it takes is the very first step.

Take the First Step

Still not sure?

✔️ This IS for you if...

👉🏽 you are struggling with the demands of home and work life - it's all too much and there's no time to even think about how to get balance

👉🏽 you want to move forward but worry that you're not good enough to make it happen

👉🏽 you know you're not living the life you're destined for

👉🏽 imposter syndrome gets in the way of you creating + striving for more in your life + career.

👉🏽 you talk yourself out of taking action towards your highest potential because you feel guilty for wanting more or 'should just be grateful' for what you already have

👉🏽 you fear that other people will judge you for changing your path so you settle into the safer option. 

👉🏽 you feel like change seems easy for others but not for you because [enter excuses here]

👉🏽 you tend to procrastinate, especially when it comes to your own wellbeing and progress

👉🏽 you lack a sense of direction about where your life is / could go

👉🏽 you don't feel excitement or passion when you consider the future

👉🏽 you are at a crossroads/transition and need clarity about possibilities and next steps

👉🏽 you have lots of limiting beliefs about yourself

👉🏽 you make plans but don't stick to them

👉🏽 you feel overwhelmed (and maybe exhausted) regularly

👉🏽 you are 'stuck' where you are and don't know how to move forward

👉🏽 you have dreams but can't see how they can become reality

👉🏽 you struggle to maintain an optimistic outlook

👉🏽 you are willing to put effort into creating your best life

👉🏽 you are ready to stop making excuses about why you just can’t move forward

🎉 I can't wait to work together with your awesome attitude, determination, and bravery! 🎉

❌ This is NOT for you if...

👉🏽 you believe someone else (not you) is in charge of your life satisfaction

👉🏽 you would rather wallow in dissatisfaction than take steps toward your best life

👉🏽 you prefer to be the victim of circumstances rather than the creator of your own reality

👉🏽 you want to continue making excuses and finding reasons to not take action

You may not be ready for this type of transformational change yet, but I believe the time will come. Why not read through some of my posts and consider coming back when you are ready? You will always be welcome. 🤗 

Say 'YES!' to thriving

I help you overcome a lack of balance, workaholism, overwhelm, imposter syndrome, and difficult relationships so you can create your dream life and thrive. 

Show Me How

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